Friday, July 01, 2011

Kickin' around Cowtown

Returned to a terrible week of cold weather the sun finally came out and it almost felt like summer.  Every spring, I still question why we live here...

No palm trees or ocean, but pine trees and splash pool will do just fine.

                   Q was so happy to keep his Mom around, she hasn't cracked a book since the exam.  High 5s for sure!

                       Not my idea.

                          Everything is back to normal.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Return to Livin' Part II

After unwinding in isolation on Kaui, we felt brave enough to tackle another island.  We went from one-way bridges and isolated beaches to 4-lane highways and resorts... but it's all good, we're on vacation!

It was all I could do to keep him out of the water - no concept of what a good
               Pretty diverse landscape from dry uplands to lush valleys.

Stormy nights but 25 degrees and sunny every day.

               Our evening routine.  Run him till he drops.

               Aquarium visit.

Breakfast of mangoes, papayas and pineapple.

Great snorkeling spot in West Maui.

               Q and Heady playing on the beach...

... and in the pool.

This place was kid heaven - pool, beach, rocks, and tasty fruit - come to think of it, was like paradise for us too!

Lava fields down south.

After hundreds of attempts, finally got a decent family photo.  Photo credit to Al's shutter release.

Run on the beach with our tummies full of fresh tuna!
Crabby crabs.
Felt bad for all the couples trying to enjoy a romantic evening on the beach with Q terrorizing the place.

Despite Air Canada's best efforts, we finally got home after the 15 hr delay!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Return to Livin'

After the most insane year of single parenting combined with mad studying, Heady passed her exams and we packed up for 2 weeks of well deserved family time in Hawaii.

 First stop was at the end of the road in Haena, in north-west Kaui.  Super quiet, lush, beautiful and a disappearance of all life's stresses.
Quinn was so pumped about the beach - the smile didn't stop the whole time we were there.
View overlooking Hanalei.
               Kee beach just down the road.  Of course we brought diggers.
Checking out the fish in his "Sea Window."

 View down the Napali Coast.

                   Heady took photos, Q and I dug for crabs.

 Tunnels beach - no tiger sharks this week.
                   Q and Heady were joined at the hip.  We was so excited to have her back!

Where did he learn to make that stupid face?
 Recurring theme: me, Q and diggers.

                   On to Maui...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bring it

With transition season out of the way, Q says bring on the snow!

Playa Saladita

After leaving the frigid temperatures in Calgary, we experience what Jay referred to as "The Delta"- a 55 degree temperature change to mid 30s in southern Mexico.  We stumbled upon a great little get away about an hour north of Ixtapa.  No crowds, happy kids, great food, beautiful beach and perfect beginner surf.  A week was hardly long enough. 
The house.
The beach.

 The boys.

The kids really took a liking to the crabs.  Feeling wasn't mutual.  Noah was fearless.

Ethan and Quinn were in heaven.  Dump truck, diggers, sand and water.

 Opposite ends of the relaxation spectrum.  

 Q and his "yobster."                                       Checking out the surf

The best part is that the kids would entertain each other leaving adult time...  love it!

Adults were no where to be seen!

When the beach was too hot, the pool proved just as fun.

Love this shot.

Heady and Quinn would finish off the coffee and...

...I would head out for a few hours to the amazing break just down the beach.

 Definitely my kid.

 What an spectacular vacation.  Was pretty choked to leave.

Token flower shot from Heady.